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Vaginal Tightening


The vagina will loose tightness due to multiple vaginal deliveries, weight gain and perineal ptosis-all these factors result in levator muscle diastasis, laxity of perineal body, attenuation of the superficial perineal tissues. Here the vaginal tone will be increased by cooptation of the levator muscle dehiscence and excision of the excess skin and mucosa. This includes elliptical excision of the excess posterior vaginal mucosa, imbrication of the medial levator muscles, re creation of the perineal body and excision of the skin tags. This surgery can be clubbed with pubic liposuction, labia reduction, hymenoplasty or other gynecological procedures.


up to 2 hours


Spinal or general anesthesia. Inpatient/outpatient-either way


Either way

Possible Side Effects:

The minor complications are wound infection, pain for few months on intercourse, scar.


No major complications reported after this procedure.


48 hours of rest will be required. No dressing will be required. May need to wear sanitary pad depending on the wetness


The person / partner will get better pleasure than before.