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Total body lift


In this procedure arm/breast/chest/abdomen/buttocks/thigh if required genital tucking will be done. The surgery will be done once the weight is stable/no fluctuation for at least 3 bariatric surgery in general after 2 years with normal hemodynamic parameters. In view of significant weight loss, longer duration of surgery the person may require blood transfusion/may require intensive monitoring for 48 hours.


6-10 hours




5-7 days of admission will be required.

Possible Side Effects:

Swelling/seroma/wound breakdown, late wound healing.


Scar, looseness of the skin requiring revision again, numbness of the skin most of the time temporary, requirement of blood transfusion, longer recovery. Each part of the body will have specific risks/to be discussed separately.


satisfactory tightening will be obtained with improved aesthetic appearance, however the patient need to maintain the weight without significant fluctuation.