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Scar Revision Surgery


The person who is undergoing scar revision must understand that scars are permanent; the purpose of scar revision is to improve the existing scar. Deep scars cannot be removed permanently by any method till date. There are surgical as well as non surgical options for the scar improvement/often combination of treatment will be required. A number of factors influence the quality of scar like-region where the scar is situated, direction in relation to RSTL , length, genetic factors, surgical techniques, depth of the scar, angle of the wound, skin tension, skin surface features like concave or convex, grooves , ridges, wrinkles, body apertures, hair bearing skin, skin thickness. Source, wound healing of the scar. Type of patients like age, sex, race individual factors


One to three hours


Local or general



Possible Side Effects:

Swelling/color change for few months.


No major risk involved with this kind of surgery.


The patient can work after 48 hours. Sun protection will be required for 1- 3 months. May require other modality of scar treatment during healing period like laser/local applications like silicone, pressure garment, steroid injections etc.


Significant improvement will be there if the scar is having the above said features.