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Pubic Liposuction


The fat deposit may be confined to only suprapubic and vulva or may be part of regional like abdomen/thighs or generalized obesity. By making 4mm cut[less than half centimeters] at the lower abdomen crease or cesarean section scar, the fat will be aspirated. The procedure is confined to vulva/precaution taken not to expose clitoris or increase the clitoral sensitivity by liposuction of the surrounding tissues. About 100 ml of the fat will be aspirated. This procedure can be clubbed with liposuction of the abdomen/abdominoplasty, thigh tucking, labia reduction, on plastic surgery procedures like hysterectomy etc


about one hour


general/or spinal


out patient/if clubbed with other procedure may require admission

Possible Side Effects:

Serous oozing for about 48 hours rarely longer time, swelling –usually for 2-3 weeks, sometime for longer period. The other complications are similar to other area liposuction. Risks-similar to that of liposuction


Mild pain will be there for about a week. The final result will be seen after 3 months.



Better aesthetic appearance will be seen.