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Post cleft lip surgery cosmetic corrections


The following procedures can be done –
A. Nose corrections-most of the time alar correction, dorsal augmentation, septal correction, tip corrections will be required. The septalmaterial or other body material or implants can be used.
B. Moustache hair transplants-here to hide the scar, hair transplant will be done on the scar. The hair grafts will be taken from the beard area by scar less fue extraction or rarely from the scalp.
C. Lip revisions-depending on the finding like wide scar/notch etc lip will be revised including the scar.
D. Lip augmentation-most of the time the cleft side will have small lip with or without notch. This can be corrected by dermis fat graft/fat injections.
E. Lip reduction-the non cleft side wide lip/some time lower lip reduction can be done to get good symmetry.


Depends on the type of surgery form 30 min to 3 hours


Local or general anaesthesia.


Most of the time outpatient.

Possible Side Effects:

Swelling/bruisingand numbness for few days.


To be discussed separately for the each procedure.


Swelling/bruising may take a week’s time to subside/can start work after a week. It may take up to 6 months to get the final result especially in the nose.


Significant improvement will be seen, however normal appearance will not come. The combination of multiple procedures will improve the result up to 80%.