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Labia Minora Reduction


Labia minora reduction, or labioplasty, is a remodeling of the enlarged inner lips of the vulva. There is wide range of normal anatomy of labia minora. Most of the patients do not want their labia minora to protrude past the labia majora, thus length of about 1 cms is considered ideal. Friedrich classification is more than 5 cms when measured horizontally from the midline when placed on mild lateral traction Enlargement of the labia minora may be apparent from childhood, but most often it is acquired, caused by childbirth, age or infection and exogenous androgenic hormones. It may bother the patient in a functional (wearing clothes-irritation and pain, during sports, painful intercourse) or in an aesthetic way. The procedure removes skin and mucosa in a way that the scar is barely visible.

1. The old method is amputation of the enlarged labia and over sewing of the edge. The drawback of this procedure is loss of normal labial edge with its unique contour and color, with a suture line running along its length.

2. In new method, a wedge of protuberant labial tissue is removed; the edges are reapproximated preserving normal edge and color. The procedure may be combined with a clitoral hood reduction (removal of the skin excess around the clitoris), fat injection for vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening.


The procedure typically takes between 1 - 3 hours depending on the additional surgeries that are performed as mentioned above.


For better results and more comfort, general anesthesia is the rule for this surgery.


The patient can leave the surgical facility the same day after recovery from anesthesia.

Possible Side Effects:

When meticulous technique is applied, the procedure is without major side effects. Sometimes ( less than 5% of cases) breakdown of the wound may occur, but healing with local wound care resolves the problem. In some patients, the scar tends to broaden, which can be corrected later.


No important risks are correlated to this type of surgery.


The area may be swollen for 4-6 weeks. Depending on the technique, there may be a color mismatch that tends to fade after some time. Return to work is possible after 1 week. Sexual activity is allowed after 6-8 weeks.


With good technique, the results are very satisfying with an improved body image and greater physical comfort.