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Hair Transplantation


There are 3 basic steps in hair transplantation,
1.Removal of hair from the donor area i.e. Back of the head/beard/other body hair
2. Preparation of the hair for implantation
3. Implantation of the hair in planned bald area.

There are two methods of hair removal from back
1. Strip method-a long strip of hair will be removed from the back of the head. The main disadvantage is long linear scar /visible after complete shaving of the head. Main advantage is less expensive with the same result.
2. Follicular unit extraction method, the main advantage of not having linear long scar/person can shave head; other advantages are less pain/no stitch and faster recovery.


The procedure takes approximately 6-8 hours, depends on the method/grade of baldness.


Local anesthesia/if required IV sedation will be given.


Out patient procedure

Possible Side Effects:

Rare possibility of bleeding, temporary swells on the forehead, numbness most of the time temporary in back of the head, heavy headed ness for few days.


Scar on the back of the head, rare possibility of permanent numbness on back, less growth of the hair than expected, further fall of hair in non grafted area resulting in further requirement of hair transplantation, less density, stitch granulomas/hair granulomas.


The patient may resume work in 4-5 days. More strenuous activities may be resumed after three weeks. It will take about 6-8 months for the hair to grow naturally.


The results are usually permanent.