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Dimple Surgery or Dimple Creation Surgery


It is possible to create dimples surgically, is a very simple and straight forward when done properly. Most of our clients state that one of their siblings or close friends has a dimple, so they want it if it is possible to do it. Young couples wants to gift their loved one on special occasions in the form of dimple. Those are in to modeling/acting, the dimple helps to brighten a smile and add character. Few think that dimples are considered a sign of good luck and prosperity

Natural dimples-Most often there will be defect or gap in the buccinator muscle or other muscles of facial expression, the skin overlying this small defect if stuck down to the underlying connective tissue and creates dimple in the skin with facial animation i.e. Smiling.

Natural dimples-Dimple may be vertical or round: most commonly vertical. Most of them will come while smiling; few will be in both rest as well as smiling. It may be bilateral or one sided/one sided most often on left side.

Most often found in females, most commonly females will go for dimple creation. Dimples are located most common in cheeks, unusually in chin, lowers back etc. Common location of the cheek dimple-the dimple can be created in any location; however the common points are intersection of a perpendicular line dropped from the external canthus and a horizontal line drawn from the angle of the mouth.

There will not be any cut or scar outside, a small incision or punch will be made in side the mouth: the inner skin, muscle will be punched/removed up to inner layer of outside skin. A small dissolvable stitch is passed through the inside of the cheek through the muscle and catches the under surface of the inner portion of the outer skin and comes out through the other side of the muscle again. The stitch ends are tied, thus creating a dimple. The dimple will be present both at rest as well as while smiling for few weeks/once the stitch dissolves most often dimple will be seen only at smiling. The depth of the dimple can be controlled at the same time.


Each side will take about 30-45 minutes


Local /or General anesthesia


Immediately after the procedure the client can go home.

Possible Side Effects/Risks:

Most are temporary like swelling, bruising, minor weakness, infection due to lack of oral hygiene and very rarely suture holding the dimple will break early, in this case the procedure need to be repeated.


The patient can resume normal activity on the same day of the surgery, outside work the swelling is the limiting factor. The food restrictions- The person can have normal food after the procedure, however the oral hygiene is important, the client need to rinse the month after each feed with oral antiseptic mouthwash lotion.


Will it looks natural?
Yes, however it may take few weeks to settle down. Can be reversible, however the client should think about it before the procedure. Dimple fallout- From the day of dimple creation to few weeks called as fallout period. The request for reversal/unhappiness will be more during this period. This period the dimple will be present both at rest as well as smiling. However few techniques will leave permanent dimple all the time, better to avoid that technique. If the dimple is very shallow or if it is very deep, it can be corrected